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Kimtech KIMWIPES SCIENCE Delicate Task Wipers 34705

Price: $105.68
Item Number: KIM34705
Manufacturer: Kimberly-Clark
Manufacturer Part No: 34705

*** While Supplies Last ***

An innovative kind of tissues and wipes - the Kimwipes 34705 KAYDRY EX-L Delicate Task Wiper! If you're looking for industrail-grade wipes that work as an all-around cleaner which you can use to wipe even the thinnest lenses that are very susceptible to scratching, then Kimwipes 34705 is here to help you.

Kimwipes 34705 2-ply wipers are extra absorbent, and offers a unique combination of low-lint tissue softness and multi-ply absorbency that is perfect for a multitude of delicate tasks. These soft, nonabrasive wipers won't scratch delicate surfaces. Anti-static polyshield reduces lint and electrostatic charge.

The Industry Standard for Labs and Research, KIMTECH SCIENCE KIMWIPES Wipers are a versatile option for delicate tasks such as laboratory cleaning, surface/parts cleaning, instrument cleaning and lens cleaning.Kimwipes 34705 will not contaminate sensitive highly polished surfaces, particularly important in electronics, optics, cleanroom assembly, and other critical applications.

Here are a few other things that you can do with the Kimwipes 34705:

  1. For Cleaning Lenses- Using this product will give the thorough cleaning and scratch-free shine that your camera needs.
  2. Clean Ovens and Kitchen Appliances- In case you are worried about the smoothness of your oven and other kitchen parts, you don't have to worry. Kimwipes 34705 is specially made to clean out stubborn dirt and grime yet remain delicate enough to leave a smooth and shiny finish on your kitchen appliances.
  3. Wipe Spills on the Floor- Wipe any kind of spill fast, and leave the floors really clean with the lint-free Kimwipes 34705!
  4. Clean LCD of Computers- LC should always be given proper care and attention since this is very fragile. Use this product to gently wipe the dust out of your personal computers or LCD tvs. You can either use it moistened with a bit of alcohol or cider vinegar, or, use dry. Either way, you get a nice clean finish every time.

Manufactured by Kimberly Clark, Kimwipes 34705 provides a unique combination of low-lint tissue softness as well as a multi-ply absorbency which works well for a multitude of delicate tasks. Because of its Multi-ply absorbency, Kimwipes 34705 can wipe liquid and dust effectively. Best of all, Kimwipes 34705 are especially made to have an extra low-lint content and extractable performance!

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