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Invisible Glass, 19oz Aerosol Can

Price: $6.99
Item Number: TRS797-159
Manufacturer: Stoner
Manufacturer Part No: 91164
Invisible Glass window, windshield & mirror cleaner cleans glass so well, you'll think it's invisible. It's amazing no-residue formula doesn't streak or haze. It quickly cleans difficult grime from glass surfaces and is safe for tinted windows.
  • Invisible Glass contains a complex, cleaning formula which is non-abrasive and non-foaming. It is designed specifically to clean glass without leaving streaks or haze.
  • Most other glass cleaners are formulated with water and foamy soaps. These inexpensive ingredients clean dirt, but they leave streaky residues which are difficult or impossible to remove. Invisible Glass won't streak or haze. It evaporates 100% and contains NO soaps or foams.

Invisible Glass quickly removes tough dirt, dust, sap, droppings, bugs, grease, adhesives, fingerprints, smudges, smoke haze, plasticizer film, pollutants, and other oily grime that soap and water can't remove.

  • Evaporates quickly, leaving glass clean, clear, and streak free. If you use foamy window cleaners now, try Invisible Glass to immediately see the difference -- guaranteed!
  • Cleans auto windshields, windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces in your home and at work.
  • Safe to use on original equipment manufactured (OEM) and most after-market tinted windows. Always test for compatibility before using on non-glass surfaces. Not recommended for use on polycarbonate plastic.
12 cans/case
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