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Safe Step Ice Melt 50lb Bag

Price: $27.99
Item Number: TRS305-540
Safe Step Ice Melt
Safe Step is a powerful ice melt that outperforms single ingredients and simple blends. Manufactured with a patented process of putting the power of multiple ingredients on single granules, Safe Step helps prevent refreezing up to 2 ½ times longer than conventional ice melt. When used as directed, Safe Step is safe on skin, pets, plants, concrete and carpets.

Safe Step Ice Melt Features:

  • Patented blend that helps prevent re-freezing up to 2½ times longer than conventional ice melt
  • Safe to handle - will not harm harm skin
  • Protects concrete from damage by extending the freeze and thaw cycles
  • Will not clump in the bag and provides unlimited shelf life

Safe Step Ice Melt Contains:

  • Contains MG 104® (Potassium chloride based)


  • 50# bags, 49 bags per pallet

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